Protection of environment

ForgeX Polska Sp. z o.o., a supplier of die and free forgings for the automotive, machine and aerospace industry, take care of the health and safety of their employees. Being aware of the impact on environment resulting from generation of industrial waste, harmful substances and energy and water consumption in the manufacturing process, we commit ourselves to:

  • meet the regulations and provisions on Health&Safety and Environment that are applicable to the company’s manufacturing activities
  • prevent work-related accidents, diseases and emergency situations and to react immediately if such events occur,
  • assess and limit work-related risks on a continuous basis,
  • identify environmental aspects related to the company business and management of significant issues
  • manage water and energy effectively and economically
  • ensure environmentally safe waste management practices including proper separation, recycling or utilisation in line with the environment protection regulations,
  • keeping low emission of pollution through implementation of protective measures to prevent pollution and to use substances and materials that demonstrate lowest impact on environment,
  • undertake continuous actions to improve the condition of environment and to ensure funds for pro-ecological investments,
  • allocate necessary means to improve work health and safety and to protect the environment,
  • raise personnel awareness through adequate training to all employees and regular communication on the initiatives undertaken by the company
  • communicate the H&S sand Environmental Policies to the employees and to ensure this information is publicly available.

Our goal is to ensure high quality of our products and services and to actively contribute to protection of employees and natural resources. That is why the H&S and Environmental standards have the same importance as the technological and quality ones.

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