Machining of steel forgings is one of the core services provided by ForgeX Polska. This process is performed in our dedicated machining shop and in cooperation with reliable subcontractors.

Creation of the machining shop was an outcome of implementation of the corporate strategy. In the recent years ForgeX Polska have made extensive investments in this area of their business. New machines have been purchased and the existing ones have been modernized. Currently, the machining shop is a dynamic and important business unit of our company. Extension of our services and higher flexibility in delivery of finished products has been appreciated by our customers. As a result some new projects have been implemented. We have also received new inquiries for our machining services. Our future plans for this unit include further investments to improve and extend our machining capacity (a purchase of new machines, in particular, milling machines).

Currently we offer machining services for:  Serta S.A.S, Meiller, Safran Transmission Systems Poland, Marie S.A.S., Vetter, AGCO.

Our machines

Machine name Quantity Number of axles Machine type
OKUMA MA600 1 4 Milling
YCM H500B 3 4 Milling
HP4 2 3 Milling
Hitachi HS630 1 4 Milling
TZC 2 2 Lathe
HASS ST35 2 3 Lathe
DMG CLX450 1 4 Lathe
Mikron 1600 VCE 1 3 Milling

The Machining Plant of ForgeX Polska is able to manufacture products to up to 0.02 mm of turning tolerance and up to 0.02 mm of milling tolerance.

Thank to our presence in the Aviation Valley we may offer a wide range of products ready for assembly. Extensive supplier base in the region makes it possible to meet even the most demanding customer requirements for finished products.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

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